Seasonal menus

Seasonal menus

Our cuisine is based on two menus that we change according to the season and the products.

In addition, we offer you the opportunity to give away whatever you want with a meal in our restaurant.

Restaurant Amics

Tasting Menu

Olives and snacks

Beets, salmon and yogurt
Crispy cheese and cherry
White asparagus, grapefruit and elderberry
Octopus with belly

–First course–
Sea and Forest Salad: Anchovies, mushrooms, pine nuts, loquats with balsamic vinaigrette and thyme honey

–Second Course–
Fish according to market with green curry, almonds, broad beans, garlic

–Third Course–
Lamb shoulder at low temperature, roasted pear, peas and green

Strawberries with creamy cheese and green tea, cherry sake, shiso vinaigrette

Price 62 €
Bread with olive oil 2 €

Gift vouchers

Give your friends and family the dining experience we offer.
We have gift vouchers with both menu proposals.